Investigator Sponsored Study Request Management System

In an effort to advance research and enhance understanding of disease, Alkermes supports independent, unsolicited research relating to disease areas of interest to Alkermes or relating to Alkermes' products.

Alkermes responds to unsolicited requests for support of investigator sponsored research through its Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS) program, in which ISS investigators and/or their affiliated institutions assume sponsor responsibility for all aspects of the study, including design, regulatory approval, initiation, conduct and monitoring of the study, as well as analysis and publication of study results.

ISS proposals submitted to Alkermes are reviewed by the Alkermes ISS Review Committees for scientific merit as well as safety, legal, ethical, and budgetary considerations.

This program is open to clinicians, researchers and institutions interested in conducting their own research.

For Technical Support, please email